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How To Start Running: Everything Beginners Should Know About Running When Just Getting Started


Running has the power to change lives. These 9 best tips will tell you how to start running; will get you on the right track, so you never want to stop.

How To Start Running

Running is an excellent way to feel better, get in shape, and even build new relationships with other runners. It is not difficult for beginners to develop a new running habit – all you need is the right pair of shoes and the willingness to move a little or a lot at your own pace.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Choose A Workout Plan

You can easily find detailed workout plans online, but beginners should keep them simple. Here is the basic formula for beginners for an excellent workout plan:

Run at a relaxed pace

Work out three days a week

Run or walk for 20-30 minutes, two days a week

Rest or cross-exercise on your holidays

Consider taking regular breaks during running or walking

Take a long walk or run for about 40-60 minutes on the weekend

9 Expert Tips For Beginners: When Just Getting Started

These 9 expert tips will tell you how to start running and get you on the right track.

Consult Your Doctor

: The first tip for beginners about how to start running is to consult your doctor if you have a 35 or over BMI, are more aged than 40, or have a family history of heart disease.

Get the Right Gear

: The best tip about how to start running is to visit a professional running shop to get a pair of shoes with the fit and support you want. No magical shoe can make running easier, but a bad shoe will ruin your running.

Be Flexible

: Divide the exercise into two or three sessions at the beginning. Studies found that three 10-minute workouts and a single 30-minute workout provide the same health boost to beginners.

Take A Walk-Break

: Set an alarm every hour to remind you to walk for 15 minutes through office hallways during your lunch break. Taking a walk-break for 5 minutes every hour burns 132kcal.

Choose Your Place

: Choose safe, traffic-free, and scenic routes that can be covered in all weather conditions and times of the day.

Take Your Heartrate

: Take your resting heart rate for one minute in the morning before getting out of bed. As you get in shape, you will get a motivational boost when you see your resting heart rate get lower as your heart gets more robust. It shows that the body is responding to exercise.

Maintain Your Pace

: The tip about how to start running is to be consistent enough to build endurance and strength but slow enough to avoid injury. Beginners should train at an easy pace and get into a rhythm they can maintain forever.

Keep Track of Your Miles

: Use a notebook and pencil or go tech with a GPS. In either case, beginners will gain confidence by watching miles rack up.

Be Patient

: Many positive changes in your body will not be visible on the scale or in the mirror yet but do not be afraid. Beginners should believe that they will lose weight and be aware that it takes time to condition their ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Some Tools To Help You Stay Motivated


: Get a pair of comfortable shoes to avoid pain and injury.


: Music can reduce fatigue and increase the feeling of strength and excitement.

Running Partner

: Having a running partner increases the chances of sticking to exercise.

An Exercise Journal

: If you want to know how to start running, a simple journal keeps you informed to help you reach your goals.


The primary tip for beginners about how to start running is to run 3-4 days a week. And remember to always rest, which means no running or cross-training for at least one day a week. If you do not rest, you increase the risk of injuries, exhaustion, and poor results because your muscles are too tired to strengthen.


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