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Lose Weight Without Dieting (in 5 simple steps)


“Lose Weight Without Dieting (in 5 simple steps)” – Monica May


So, you want to lose weight.

What’s the first thing you do?
You go on a diet, right?


I gathered you here today to break it to you that – YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

You don’t have to diet to lose weight.

In fact, dieting is the worst way to approach weight loss:
that’s why so many people have trouble losing weight even though they’ve been dieting since forever.

I am going to show you how you can lose weight without dieting, in 5 simple steps.

I am Monica by the way, and I’ve been struggling with weight loss for too long, before I figured it all out.
And today, I’m sharing it all with you!


Lose Weight Without Dieting In 5 Steps

STEP 1: Make A List 📝

There is a HUGE difference between DIETING and EATING HEALTHY FOOD.

And the key to losing weight is to eat healthy foods on a daily basis – not to go on a diet and eat just chicken, eggs and kale for a month.

In order to lose weight and keep it off, you have to be happy with the foods you are eating.
In order to stick to eating healthy, you have to keep your dopamine levels high.

Meaning: YOU HAVE TO ENJOY THE FOODS you are eating.

So, first thing’s first, make a list of healthy foods you actually enjoy eating.

Write them down on a piece of paper and try creating recipes around them.

Also, make a list of “unhealthy foods” you like, ex: Pizza, pancakes, cookies.
Once you create that list, search for healthy recipes for those foods (ex: search for “healthy dough pizza recipe” or “healthy oat flour pancakes”.)

Try out different recipes daily and experiment with different healthy foods on a daily basis.

You have to enjoy the foods you are eating, so make sure to make a list and only eat healthy foods that you actually like.


STEP 2: Snack Every Day 🍿

Contrary to what you may have heard about how snacking is bad for you, snacking helped me lose weight.

And it’s not only me – snacks are so important when it comes to losing weight, yet so many people are not realizing it.

Enjoying a snack will help you lose weight since it cuts down the cravings, it helps you keep your blood sugar steady, and it helps keep you full longer in between meals.

Now, of course, the snacks should be again healthy, so again, make a list of healthy snacks you like.
If you usually like to snack on chips, find a veggie chips you can do it yourself.

I packed 20 healthy snack recipes you can do yourself, so make sure to check that article.

Also, there are so many healthy options of snacks you can buy on the go, here’s a list of those.


STEP 3: Eat High Volume Foods 🥗

This is one of those things that helped me a lot to lose the weight, so listen very carefully (I will say this only once🤭)

In order to feel satisfied with the foods you eat, you have to make sure you are not undereating.
This is because our bodies have this thing called a “volume counter”.

This means that to get full you HAVE TO FILL CERTAIN VOLUME in your stomach.
This explains why we can never get full if we eat a handful of almonds, even though it’s around 300 kcal.

And perfect high volume foods are foods that are lower in calories, but bigger in volume. 
Ex: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumber, eggplant, cabbage, lettuce, etc.

So, make sure to include these foods in your diet, in order to fulfil the volume part.

Your stomach doesn’t recognizes tastes, it just wants to be full.
So, even if you decide to have pizza for lunch, always side it up with a HUGE bowl of salad, to fill up that volume.

That way you are making sure to get full with less.


STEP 4: Create Healthy Routines☀️

Creating a healthy lifestyle overall, is the key to losing weight.
That’s why you need to create healthy habits you will try to stick to on a daily basis.

Rather it is a healthy morning routine you will try to maintain, or making the smallest changes – just start.

Rather it’s biking or walking to work instead of going with a car, or taking your lunch to work instead of buying it, drinking a glass of water before each meal, having a cup of tea each night before bed.

It may seem like a small change, but it will have a big impact on both your health and weight.
Creating a healthy routine will also help you with the discipline factor.

Check out my morning routine for some ideas on how to create healthy habits to start your day right:


STEP 5: Exercise 30 Minutes A Day 💦

I always say this to my clients:
It’s not about how much time you spend working out, it’s about what you make with your time working out.

You can stay at home and workout for 20-30 minutes a day, and still have better results than someone going to the gym.
That’s because the intensity matters so much more than the length of the training session.

It’s about how much your heartrate will spike up, and not about how much time you’ll spend on a cardio machine.

After struggling to lose weight for years, I finally figured it all out, and managed to do it!

That’s why I created my workout program RADIATE(28 day video program, you can do at home, with minimal equipment) to show all of you that you can do it even without ever stepping a foot outside of your home.

Psst… you can try it out for FREE here.

Plus, having that exercise habit will help you create that healthy lifestyle, that will eventually lead to losing weight long term.


Now Get To Work!!! 💪

Make that list.

Prepare those snacks.

Eat those veggies.

Create that healthy routine.

Do that 30 min workout.

Don’t hesitate, girl – JUST DO IT!

What’s the worst that’s going to happen if you try?

You don’t succeed, you start over, you try again.
That’s it!

You can only fail if you stop trying, so don’t wait a second longer and do it today.

I am here for you every step of the way.

Till next time, loves.


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